#TheUnsaid: In Between This Lifetime and The Next

#TheUnsaid: In The This Lifetime And The Next

Loving you this much and this long,
made me question…
If love is a happy place,
why Am I still lonely?
If happiness is a choice,
why choosing you means
I can’t be happy for too long?
If loving you is easy,
why standing up for you
and this love is the hardest?
I guess love isn’t always growing old together.
Sometimes, It is waiting…
even if you don’t know how long.
Sometimes, It is keeping the memories,
even if you know it will
hurt you again and again.
Sometimes, It is distance,
even if you know you won’t be seeing the person
but you still believe it is real.
Sometimes, It is silence,
even if it breaks your heart,
you still chose to love,
because you knew it is the only way
to love the other freely.
And sometimes…
LOVE is the greatest sacrifice.
This is mine…
because I know that this lifetime
doesn’t hold a single chance
for the two of us…
but in between this lifetime and the next,
you will always have my heart.
#LavenderPen | ink the unsaid… | #TheUnsaid: In Between This Lifetime And The Next

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