#TheUnsaid: To The One Who Wanted Space

#TheUnsaid: To The One Who Wanted Space

There’s that kind of space
that you just ignore them all day.

That kind that you keep your mouth shut
until they say when you will talk.

And then there’s that kind of space
that they want you to be there,
but you keep your opinions about
them to yourself.

That kind that lets them do
the things they want to do,
and you just pretend
that you don’t care for them
at all.

Which kind of space do you want?
I can give you that…
But I don’t like being kept in the dark.
I don’t like guessing game.
If you want space, then give me
a clear state,
because I am so done waiting
And I am tired of always asking.
Just let me know,
If I should stay or steer clear from you.
#LavenderPen | ink the unsaid… | To The One Who Needed Space

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