#TheUnsaid: To The Woman Next To Me

#TheUnsaid: To The Women Next To Me

Love him…
for who he is
for who he wants to be
for his passion for pursuing
his hopes and dreams on his own.
for his big heart to people that matter
for being the gentlest person
when you’re alone with him.
for just being the person you see
when he stands there and look at you
in the barest of your soul.
Love him more…
when he is sad and troubled
when he longs to be with you
because the world gets a little out of hand.
when he speaks a lot than listen
when he chooses to keep silent
even if you press him to speak up.
when you begin to see his demons.
Love him even more…
when his strength run out
when he is at his worst
when he is going through rough times
and ask you to get away for awhile.
when even yourself don’t understand
your place in his life.
and when the time come
that you contemplate on
giving up on him,
please think of a million
and one ways how you
can get him back from
the demons that have been
trapping his soul.
and maybe, just maybe…
where I lost,
you might win.
#LavenderPen | ink the unsaid… | To The Woman Next To Me

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