#TheUnsaid: When love is not enough

#TheUnsaid: When love is not enough | MsXysaRhea

Love and relationships, like a garden, needs water, sunlight and a tendering. Because we felt what we have established from the start were just enough. We felt that what we bring to the table is already enough. But NO. Love is a daily commitment you make. Whether you wake up and having a bad day, or you felt that the other person is not attractive anymore, or things between your relationship just went plain and too bland…you still need to choose to commit because more than the bad days with them is your promise to be with them no matter what. If you are feeling these in your relationship at the moment, remember that when love is not enough anymore…your commitment to choose the person every day will remain. Love is a decision that you both make. It should be constantly felt, heard, and seen…which is oftentimes we forget.


You walk alone in the street,
Saw lover’s so sweet.
You smile and begin to reminisce,
Your love story that you now miss.
When things were all new.
It was a feeling you’d want to grow,
Something you’d keep in a lifetime or two.
He shows you the world.
A love so true,
And the caring that no one can do.
You burst with so much joy,
Because you’ve given what you were praying for.
You both live your life with so much hope and joy.
Years had passed,
Things suddenly turned bad.
You felt unloved and question yourself
If you’re not good enough.
He isn’t the same person you once knew,
Wondering if there’s someone new.
You look into his eyes
and saw it no longer spark like it used to, for you.
Whatever happens to the I DO’s?
To the uttered words of promises,
That consoles you.
Would it find a chance to bring back what was lost?
Or let all this things pass.
He found you crying one day,
Asked you what’s wrong?
You said: “You, and this entire I-DON’T-CARE-GAME”.
And as if on cue,
You let everything laid out.
It was but a cathartic release for you,
And when you look at him in the eye,
You see the longing too.
You urge him to talk like he used to,
When one of your role was to listen,
And support the things he do.
Realization hits the both of you.
You were busy with the world outside,
That you forgot there is the both of you.
It was a moment you recognize each of your flaws.
You commit yourself,
That each time you open your eyes in the morning dew.
You would make things better for the both of you.
LavenderPen | ink the unsaid… | 04.25.2016

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