My 2017 Highlight — Meeting John Ford Coley!

John Ford Coley

Who would’ve thought that I’d met John Ford Coley? Yes, I am a huge fan of his music. Some of you may not know him, some may just be familiar with the name or some might ask — Who the hell is John Ford Coley? Hmmm… Maybe the name doesn’t ring a bell, but surely one of his greatest hits is familiar to you. How about “Just Tell Me You Love Me”, “Love is the Answer” and the iconic “It’s Sad to Belong”? Does that sound familiar to you? I guess yes because those songs are still flying in the airwaves up to these days. John Ford Coley is the very same JFC in the American Pop Rock duo England Dan and John Ford Coley. They were active particularly in the 70’s and 80’s (seems a long time ago, right?). England Dan or Dan Seals sadly died in the year 2009. I am such a huge fan of the duo and It just sad that I wasn’t able to see them both perform, nevertheless, I am still happy and privilege to have the chance to see JFC in an intimate concert held in Cebu last September 2017.

Looking back — When I was around 15 or 16, I’ve heard England Dan and John Ford Coley song on the radio, if I remembered it right, It was It’s Sad to Belong and since then, their song kinda grew on me. And this is so personal to me, I’ve got this special bond with them just hearing their songs somehow lifts my spirit, I don’t know, it’s something that gives you a lot of emotions — melancholy, longing, freedom, it’s as if you’re floating in the clouds and begin to dream — of love, of happily ever after (sigh). Until such time that I begin to write poetry, all the more that I fell in love with their songs because many of my poetry pieces were inspired by their songs.

The concert was a very intimate one, and all the more that I loved JFC because the concert was made possible to help the children with Cancer. What a beautiful soul he is, and if he’ll come back in the future to do another concert I would go definitely. The concert was one for the books, nothing beats the feeling when you saw your idol performing right before your very eyes, in flesh, with a voice so good you’d begin to hold back tears. I was so emotional and sentimental throughout the concert. It was yesteryears, lost dreams, loving, hurting, letting go, freedom, and coming back home — rolled into one.

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