#Wanderlust: Macau — A day in a rich man’s world

#Wanderlust: Macau — A day in a rich man’s world | MsXysaRhea

06.16-17.2016. Aside from gambling, which doesn’t appeal to me because I don’t have the money to bet [hahaha] and I am not just into it. There are still great places and activities that you’ll love when you’re in Macau.
Let me recount to you how is it like to be in Macau in just a day!
1. The free rides!
Yes, free rides! Who doesn’t love that? From the Ferry Terminal, there’s an area outside where you can see the buses going to your hotel. So you just have to go there and check for yourselves the sign just like the picture. Wait and then ride.. for free. You can exchange buses depending on where you’re going. Since our hotel was at the opposite side, in order for us to go Venetian Macau, we need to catch the free ride from our hotel, to the Bus Terminal, near the Ferry terminal, and then ride the Venetian Macau bus line..again for free…same thing when going back to our hotel. At some point in the trip, we called ourselves “The Free Loaders” hahaha you know why.
2. The accommodation
I was so impressed by our hotel. I did not expect that it was that big. We booked for two, but the actual size could really accommodate 5 people! The room has 1 dining set, 1 corner for working space, 1 couch, 2 beds and a spacious and beautiful bath area. It was really a great way to spend a night there. Oh, by the way, the hotel’s name is Casa Real. 🙂

3. The not so busy street
I love their streets, no congestion of cars. Their transportation is efficient. You will really know they are a progressive country.
4. The walk in the park
They have a lot of parks and are beautifully designed. I was even thinking, how nice is this…when you got burned out at work, you can just take a break and go somewhere in one of the nearest park, just you know, to breathe and enjoy the peace and quiet environment.
5. Time is ticking
Their respect of time is impressive. Really impressive. We observed this many times when we ride free buses. When they say the bus will arrive and leave in 12 minutes, it will!
6. The Senado Square, St. Dominic’s Church and Ruins of St. Paul’s
These three are found in one area. It was lovely to see these places at night. They light up! Do not miss these when you’re in Macau.

7. The Fisherman’s Wharf
This is Macau’s own version of The Colosseum in Rome Italy. This area as well has hotels, casinos, shops, and restaurants which you can visit too.

8. The Gondola experience inside Venetian Macau
The Gondola street was pretty crazy! We realized that it was built inside Venetian Macau. It was so intricately designed, so amazingly built you’ll get European feels. I am glad we went there early as to really avoid the flock of tourists.

9. The Lotus Flower Display
The place is good for relaxation. You’ll see green everywhere! Sadly, we weren’t able to stay longer as it starts raining when we arrived. Do not ever miss this place when you visit Macau.

10. The food!
Of course, there’s food! Tried their Noodles and local foods as well. 🙂
I know there’s more to discover in Macau, but in our 1-day visit there, pretty much I really enjoyed it! How about going to the casino next time? Why not! Thanks for reading!
#Wanderlust | #MsXysaRhea | Macau — A day in a rich man’s world | 07.08.2016

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