#Wanderlust: Vietnam, the forgiving land

#Wanderlust: Vietnam, the forgiving land | MsXysaRhea

Vietnam is known for the “Vietnam War”, the setting of the plot for “Miss Saigon” musical, and if you’re a Roman Catholic, the famous “Notre-Dame” church. They are also known for the number of Scooters their locals have. It’s like 1:1 ratio (You’ll be amazed seeing them on the streets!).
I could say the Vietnam experienced has high and lows. If you are a coffee lover and a Vegetarian, you definitely love the place and their food? I so love it! And if you really do want to see the remnants of the WAR that was, you will see them when you visit the Cu Chi Tunnel and the War Remnants Museum, the photos speak it all. But, at some point, I decided to stop taking pictures, I just can’t (I warn you), it’s quite depressing seeing those photos. Nevertheless, I admire how the people of Vietnam forgave and moved on with their lives. They are great people and love to live a peaceful life. Who doesn’t? 🙂 Enjoy!
3 La Vegetarian Restaurant
I really do love the hostel we choose. It’s cozy and clean and homey. I just love it. At the ground floor is a vegetarian restaurant. I LOVE THEIR FOOD! Really, you need to try this hostel, it’s situated in 32A Cao Ba Nha, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

1. Cao dai Temple

2. Market Tour

3. FITO Museum – The Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine

4. Cu Chi Tunnels

5. War Remnants Museum

6. Ho Chi Minh Square

7. Saigon Opera House
8. Central Post Office
9. Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral

It was a good trip and if given a chance again, I would visit Vietnam. Planning to have a solo backpaking to Hanoi Vietnam. Again, after you guys read this, I hope that would you consider traveling. It’s fun and liberating to be able to see and experience other culture. ‘Til my next trip! God Speed!
MsXysaRhea | #Wanderlust | 06.27.2016

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