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a little bit about MsXysaRhea…

by Xy-sa Rhea

Help People + Your Talent = PURPOSE

That is the very essence of this blog. I knew ever since then that I have this gift of words. I have recognized it even before, but I was not paying attention, because for me then, those pieces I made is but a reminder of my happiness, my pain and heartaches, my battle scar…and you know you want to keep them until such time you are confronted with reality that this is a gift and I want to share this to all of you with my best interest, that each time you read a portion of this blog, you will be reminded as well of your true purpose. Through my poetry and pieces, you will be inspired to move forward with life and live it to the fullest.

#LavenderPen | ink the unsaid
All my poetic entry goes here. ๐Ÿ™‚ ‘Ink the Unsaid’, because sometimes speaking your mind is not enough, there are times that you want to put them on paper because that speaks so much volume and it would mean re-visiting them all over again at times. This will be the heart and soul of this blog.

One of the best parts of this blog is to share with you, my travel stories. I vow to do more travels from here on forward. This is not a travel guide, though, but more of my personal encounter with the places, people, and culture. I want to encourage you to travel more often because traveling means discovering your very own self.

A portion of the blog where I send a strong message to issues through poetry or opinions and experiences that help empower people.

Purely random ideas that come to mind… hahaha like everything under the sun and moon…

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy reading each piece as much as I enjoyed creating them! ๐Ÿ™‚



Here we go, 31 random things about me. Why 31? Nah… pretty much you have the idea already! hahaha

  1. zodiac sign: scorpio
  2. nicholas sparks book collector
  3. all time favorite movie and book? The Notebook, isn’t it obvious?
  4. hopeless romantic… yes. like it’s hopeless haha
  5. an england dan and johnford coley avid fan, like yes I can listen to them every time…
  6. i am an outgoing introvert
  7. an old soul
  8. a nature lover
  9. obsessed with sunrise and sundown!
  10. i do read 50 shades of grey yes, more than that it’s a love story
  11. i do read tagalog pocketbooks but only from 1 writer, sadly she died already. RIP Martha Cecilia
  12. i love pastel colors
  13. i love doraemon, yes doraemon the cartoon? hahaha
  14. pet peeves? fake people and people who are full of themselves
  15. bring me any insects or animals except snake! like i can’t!
  16. fave colors: pastel shades, hot pink and purple
  17. i collect pringles cans
  18. i love the sound of a guitar, like they are music to my ear, it calms me.
  19. i am into country and acoustic songs
  20. i love dixie chicks
  21. i love boyce avenue too
  22. i am into documentary films
  23. i am an optimist, ruin my day? nah that won’t work for me!
  24. i live my life 1 day at a time
  25. i love challenge and adventure! Carpe Diem!
  26. got my first tattoo on my 31st bday ๐Ÿ™‚
  27. i value friendship and loyalty so much
  28. favorite quote: “Affirmation with discipline creates miracles” — Anthony Robbins
  29. favorite bible verse: Philippians 4:13
  30. i am a constant admirer of life
  31. …and a firm believer of JESUS CHRIST!